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Peter R Day RESOURCE STRATEGIES - Key Strengths



  • Natural Resource Management
  • Land Use and Access
  • Business Plans and Proposals


Natural Resource Management

Peter R Day Resource Strategies is experienced in a wide spectrum of natural resource issues, covering soil conservation and land management, native vegetation and biodiversity, water resources and irrigation, catchment and regional planning, climate change, agriculture and industry structures.

Peter Day's experience in these topics is supported by qualifications in natural resource management, science and ecology.

Past projects include planning, program design and the development of tools for NRM practioners;

  • Preparing Natural Resource Scoping Reports for Local Action Planning groups in the Lower Murray, Mt Lofty Ranges and Mallee areas of South Australia.
  • Guiding the design of farm-to-catchment scale research projects for Dairy Australia.
  • Documenting the environmental contributions from horticultural industries in Australia.
  • Assisting in the development of a 'Sustainability Dashboard' applicable to all commodity production systems in Australia.
  • Designing tools (such as P-Calc) to help assess the environmental gains from changes in farm practice, (e.g. nutrient reduction (dairy) and sediment reduction (horticulture) calculators), as part of market-based NRM programs.
  • Strategic advice to Land & Water Australia for the coordination of its Sustainable Primary Industries Arena.
  • Revising the Northern & Yorke Regional NRM Plan.
  • Coordinating sustainable industry initiative projects (linking industry with regional NRM bodies) for Horticulture Australia Ltd.
  • Constructing IMPS (Implementation Planning Support) - a planning framework to sort priorities and guide program development, for Cradle Coast NRM.
  • Developing the Adaptive Climate Action Framework, combining climate projections and spatially based models of climate vulnerability (using EnSym and Netica), for the West Gippsland CMA.
  • Developing a framework of Optional Elements for NRM Programs as a general planning resource, drawing on experience from working with industry and NRM bodies across Australia.


Land Use and Access

Resource Strategies is experienced in incorporating environmental factors into land use controls and development planning, outdoor recreation and nature based tourism, and a variety of issues relating to property rights and access (eg native title, public access and Crown tenures, and mineral exploration rights).

Qualifications in property management (real estate) and native title, together with an understanding of land tenure legislation, land development and rural communities, provide Peter Day with the broad experience required to  perform in this area.


Past projects include;

  • Input to a Sustainable Development plan for the Lower Murray Lakes.
  • Preparing a submission on Outback Tourism for the Marree District Soil Conservation Board.
  • Community consultation to assist planning for forestry infrastructure development.
  • Representing respondents in negotiations to settle native title claims.
  • Advice on access provisions for mineral explorers.


Business Plans and Proposals

Experienced in analysing and presenting business cases for projects and programs; and in preparing associated submissions. Resource Strategies services in business planning are supported by Peter Day's qualifications and experience in business administration.

Past projects include;

  • Leading an evaluation of the national, multi-commodity Smarter Irrigation for Profit research projects.
  • Preparing the Gippsland Lakes Nutrient Investment Strategy for the Gippsland Lakes Task Force (including the design of a market-based program for on-ground change - the CORE 4 program).
  • Evaluation of the Landholder Training and Education Program as a joint review for the Adelaide & Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board.
  • Developing the Business Plan for Grain & Graze Phase II.
  • Designing a market-based program to facilitate targeted on-farm change to protect the environmental quality of Corner Inlet (Victoria). 
  • Preparing a submission for a company seeking government support (from across several Departments) for a major livestock development.
  • Assisting the Australian Cotton Cooperative Research Centre to prepare a preliminary business case in application for a seven year funding approval and facilitated a review of their subsequent Strategic Plan.
  • Preparing a preliminary business case for 'AusGraze', a voluntary environmental assurance program for Australian meat producers, to be promoted by Meat & Livestock Australia.
  • Benchmarking the efficiency of research management across rural research and development corporations (involving cotton, meat and livestock, grains, grape and wine, international agriculture, and Land & Water Australia).
  • Helping industry and NRM groups develop a joint proposal that evolved into the Reef Rescue package.
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