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Peter R Day RESOURCE STRATEGIES - Meeting your needs

  • Resource Management Plans & Strategies
  • Research Design & Project Management
  • Facilitation, Consultation & Negotiation
  • Communication, Knowledge Management & Submissions



Resource Management Plans & Strategies
Peter R Day has broad experience in land use and natural resource assessment and management planning, ranging from small scale site management to working in, and leading, multi-disciplinary teams preparing regional land use and catchment management strategies. He has worked with or for regional Natural Resource Management bodies in every State of Australia.

Special skills are in the ability to explain how landscapes function:

  • Incorporating environmental, economic and social issues into a holistic approach to resource use, 
  • Incorporating environmental management into primary production, and
  • Reporting in a style that is easy to read and understand.

Providing these services draws upon;

  • Qualifications in ecology and natural resource management for a strong environmental basis,
  • Experience with tourism, recreation and primary industries (primarily agriculture, but with some aspects of mining as well), and an MBA, for economic and financial considerations,
  • Experience with development planning, tenure administration and legislation, and
    Extensive experience in community consultation, liaison, and negotiation.

Examples include;

  • Revising the Regional Plan for the Northern & Yorke NRM Board,
  • Leading the preparation of a Catchment Report and Catchment Strategy for the Eyre Peninsula Catchment Water Management Board,
  • Preparing sub-catchment management plans for the Dudley Peninsula, Eleanor River and North Coast catchments on Kangaroo Island.
  • Input to a Sustainable Development strategy for the River Murray and a subsequent management plan for Hindmarsh Island.
  • Facilitated the relevant Regional Drought Task Forces to develop Drought Management Strategies, for the Eyre Peninsula and Outback SA.



Research Design & Project Management

Resource Strategies emphasis on developing a strategic project plan and documenting critical aspects of the project, prior to commencement, ensures a rigorous outcome will be achieved; on time and to budget.

Peter R Day is experienced in the design and management of projects and programs related to natural resource management, research and development, and consultation and liaison. This is coupled with a solid understanding of rural Research and Development Corporations and their management practices.

Peter is experienced in designing, coordinating and evaluating comprehensive programs as well as designing and managing individual projects.

Examples include;

  • Developing the Healthy Soils operating plan for Land & Water Australia and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry.
  • Facilitating the development of Grain & Graze,a collaborative research program involving Land and Water Australia, Meat and Livestock Australia, Grains Research & Development Corporation and Australian Wool Innovation.
  • Designing and managing the Dairying for Tomorrow program for Dairy Australia (see www.dairyingfortomorrow.com) and preparing their Sustainable Catchments research prospectus.
  • Prepared the Australian Goat Industry RD&E Plan for Meat & Livestock Australia.
  • Providing program management advice to the SA Attorney General's Department in native title negotiations to develop Indigenous Land Use Agreements.
  • Developed an Environment RD&E Plan for Meat & Livestock Australia.
  • Facilitated the development of a Climate Change RD&E Strategy for the Eyre Peninsula NRM Board.
  • Assessed the potential for a Habitat Restoration & Sustainable Production research program for the South Australian NRM Alliance.



Facilitation, Consultation, and Negotiation
Peter R Day Resource Strategies has special skill in dealing with contentious matters, where being able to understand, summarise and represent peoples differing views helps others to better understand and deal with ideas contrary to their own. Peter Day is skilled in analysing situations and selecting the right approach for the right occasion, and is comfortable with implementing the wide variety of styles consequently called for.

Resource Strategies are able to successfully design, organise and conduct a broad range of events ranging from workshops to seminars and conferences. Peter Day is able to empathise with a broad spectrum of viewpoints, permitting delicate subjects to be managed sensitively and jointly agreed outcomes to be developed.

Peter's skills have been employed by research institutions, government agencies, regional NRM bodies and industry organisations. Examples include;

  • Designed and facilitated workshops for the CSIRO-GRDC National Invertebrate Pest Initiative, covering the influence of climate change and drivers for adoption of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
  • Facilitated input from irrigators to Water Allocation Plans in the Mt Lofty Ranges and the Tatiara Prescribed Wells Area.
  • Designed and facilitated a two-day Kangaroo Industry forum (involving all elements of the supply chain as well as Aboriginal, conservation and animal rights interests).
  • Facilitated a workshop to bring pastoral and Aboriginal interests together to develop strategies for joint advancement in Outback South Australia.
  • Facilitated annual meetings between conservation, animal welfare, ecological and hunting representatives to consider recommendations regarding seasonal duck hunting.
  • Designed and facilitated a national workshop to explore Marine Biosecurity R&D options for CSIRO.
  • Led a multi-stakeholder group to steer the review of EPA guidelines for the use of bird scaring devices (eg gas guns), in peri-urban areas.
  • Facilitated a national Carbon Accounting workshop for Grains RDC and a workshop developing a Blueprint for Carbon Farming for Grain Growers Ltd.
  • Managed a two day forum on the Modernisation of Irrigation Supply Systems for the major water distributors in Australia, as part of a National Program for Sustainable Irrigation project.
  • Designed and facilitated a national Biodiversity RD&E planning workshop for GRDC.



Communication, Knowledge Management & Submissions

Peter R Day has considerable experience in communication, policy development, strategic planning (including negotiating strategies), the development of legislation and the preparation of reports and documents. Detailed supporting documentation can be produced as part of an integrated product, but most prowess is in reducing complex information to basic elements in the form of policy, strategy, concepts or informative communication products.

Peter's special skills are in drawing information, ideas and issues from people and literature, distilling the key features and critical linkages, and documenting them in a concise, logical form. This work has often involved developing a common view amongst a disparate group, or integrating knowledge from across broad technical areas. 

Resource Strategies is adept at various writing styles, eg major reports, science articles, media releases, policy and submissions. Care is taken to prepare products to meet the needs of users, not only in terms of content, but also in form (e.g. hard copy, electronic or multi-media) and delivery (e.g. web, workshop or post). Experienced graphic designers, editors and web/IT designers are sub-contracted as required.

Peter's skills in analysis and writing are regularly used to present complex material in easily understood formats. He has considerable experience in managing 'knowledge harvests' and has developed some unique approaches to ensure information products are comprehensive, cohesive and compelling.

Examples include;

  • Lake Wellington Science Review - drawing together technical information to inform the development of a land and water management plan, for the West Gippsland CMA.
  • Harvest Notes. Smarter Irrigation for Profit - a knowledge harvest for the projects in the national Smarter Irrigation for Profit program.
  • Keeping Nutrients on the Farm - in Dairy Soils and Fertiliser Management, for Dairy Australia.
  • Collating information to form guidelines for the management and recycling of winery wastewater for Grape and Wine RDC.
  • A 'knowledge harvest' for the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation; Irrigation Essentials.
  • Developing an underwater guide for the Gulfs of South Australia; 'Sea Creatures and Sea Shores'.
  • Synthesizing information from projects across Australia into the final report for Grain & Graze; Managing Complex Systems.
  • Leading the development of the Land Water & Wool Report (Managing for Sustainable Profit) for Land & Water Australia and Australian Wool Innovation.
  • Designing and managing the production of communication products (ranging from videos, presentations and brochures to major reports) regarding Landscape Futures for the University of Adelaide and CSIRO.
  • Preparing a submission into future administrative structures for outback SA on behalf of the Outback Areas Community Development Trust,
  • Reviewing elements of vegetation clearance application policy (regarding the use of management plans) for the Native Vegetation Council; and recommending improvements.
  • Preparing funding submissions to the National Landcare Program for Dairy Australia and Horticulture Australia Ltd.
  • Designed and facilitated workshops to assist DEWNR and other South Australian government agencies in preparing a submission to a parliamentary inquiry into Biodiversity.
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