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Peter R Day Resource Strategies

Sea Creatures & Sea Shores.

Peter R Day Resource Strategies has published an underwater guide to the gulfs of South Australia - Sea Creatures and Sea Shores.

The book is educational, informative and brimming with beautiful photographs of sea creatures.

Produced by Peter Day and underwater photographers Antony King and James Manna, Sea Creatures and Sea Shores:

  • describes and illustrates the creatures most commonly seen underwater,
  • presents information on the biology and ecology of different species (how they function and interact), and
  • provides advice on where to go for good diving and snorkelling experiences.

The book will help people understand the fascinating creatures found underwater and on the seashore, and their intriguing relationships with each other and their environment.

Although focusing on the South Australian Gulfs, the book is relevant to much of southern Australia and will be of interest to anyone wanting to know more about the marine environment.

To view a sample, or order a copy, of Sea Creatures and Sea Shores, visit www.seacreatures.net.au


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