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Peter R Day Resource Strategies Pty. Ltd. operates from a dedicated home office, in Eden Hills, South Australia. The company invests in technology to contain overhead costs and maximise services to clients. Emphasis is placed on communication, ensuring the principal consultant (Peter R Day) is promptly available for personal service delivery.

At Resource Strategies, part-time staff provide administrative services, while other secretarial, photocopying and publishing services are out-sourced at cost. Sub-consultants, GIS and design experts are sourced as required for specific tasks.

A full range of insurance cover is maintained;

  • Professional Indemnity                $2,000,000
  • Public Liability                           $10,000,000

Peter R Day Resource Strategies commenced operation in 1997 and was registered as a company in March, 1999. 

Peter Day has been providing natural resource management (NRM) services since 1978. Much of his work involves planning (for natural resource management or research purposes) and communication (knowledge management and facilitation), drawing on his expertise in NRM, land administration and business administration.

 Peter Day uses a blog - NRM Resource Strats - to share his understanding and ideas about natural resource management.

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Peter R Day Resource Strategies Pty Ltd,

ABN 27 086 230 435

29A Yalanda Street, Eden Hills, South Australia, 5050

Ph 08 8278 9288, Fax 08 8278 9299

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